Reach Out

meHey all, this is Sarah.  I’ve golfed for a long time now and I can take any amateur guy on the golf course, guaranteed.  It may be my favorite part of playing.  I realize it’s a sport dominated by men and I may sound like a tom-boy here, but women can play too (sometimes better).  Anytime I play, the first hole, guys offer to let me go first and I state that I’ll go last.  When they try to show off with a long drive, it usually ends up in the trees.  That’s when I step up and smack it right down the center of the fairway…from the men’s tees.  The look on their face is so great.  It’s something like “oh man, this is going to be a long day” or “ugh, I can’t let this girl beat me.”  Love it.

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