Our Picks on The 5 Best Golf Shoes

As it’s a new whole year for Golf, enthusiasts and players need to make sure that their footwear is still in good shape. There’s very little enjoyment to be had if you’re walking on pebbles or rocks every step of the way.

Much like your golf clubs, golf shoes are quite important to a superb game.

What makes a good golf shoe?

For starters, having stability is pretty important if you want to really put power in your swings. For those who need a bit more help with their slow swings, shoes that are flexible are key.

So today, with that in mind, we’ll be discussing our picks on the best golf shoes so far.

1.) Adidas Powerband Boa Boost

One of the striking things about modern golf shoes is that it is no longer limited to a ‘cleats’ look to it. The Powerband Boa Boost has Adidas’ Boost cushioning system which really improves the comfort midsole (something we can agree that we need).

This shoe boasts of a new “Powercage” chasis system that makes use of soft wire loops and straps that are laced in tight into the 360Loop of the shoes . This offers any golfer much needed support and grip during a swing.  The price isn’t too heavy at $163.

2.) FootJoy HyperFlex II

While on a outward basis, the HyperFlex II doesn’t seem so different from the original HyperFlex shoe. The insole is removable and uses the design that you’d find in running shoes ensuring maximum comfort and support.

The insoles are made from waterproof and breathable material. So not only is it soft but it’s pretty light. An old complaint about old golfing shoes is that they’re pretty heavy. This shoe takes the opposite direction with its lightness but offers a grip on the feet that isn’t smothering. Prepare to drop $175 for this pair of comfy shoes.

3.) ECCO Cage Pro

One of the more eye-catching golf shoes in the market to date. One of its more striking features is the Spydr-Grip outsole which eliminates the presence of spikes while simultaneously providing superb grip and performance.

If you’re wondering how it works, the shoe’s outsole is designed around the foot’s natural pivot points–paving the way for optimal traction. The shoe itself is made from soft, resistant dritton leather. So it’s pretty light but sturdy. One of the more pricey shoes out there, it can hit you for as much as $200.

4.) Under Armour Spieth One

This shoe features what Under Armour calls its “carbon counterlocks” which gives the user a ‘locked in’ feeling when they swing. This provides great stability in the heel and really helps boost a powerful swing.

The inside just oozes comfort with a leather insole and ample cushion for the heel and midsole. As the shoe is designed to be waterproof, it performs really well even in harsh conditions or terrain. The traction is pretty good. Much like the ECCO, be prepared to drop $200 for this baby.

5.) Nike Lunar Control Vapor

One of the newest golf shoes to hit the scene, the Lunar Control Vapor aims to provide tremendous traction and comfort to its user. Nike really pulled out all the stops and found the perfect angle that marries flexibility and support along with providing cushion and improving responsiveness.

The aesthetic of this particular shoe looks modern without going overboard. It like that one kid that looks a little odd but then dishes out mad grooves on the dance floor. That’s the best way to describe this new-age shoe. With a friendly price of $150, it’s a really attractive offering that 2017 has.


Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson

Today, we cast the spotlight on one of the sport’s more successful athletes: Philip Alfred Mickelson.

Early Life

He was born June 16, 1970 in San Diego, California to parents Philip Anthony Mickelson and Mary Mickelson. One of the surprising facts about him is that despite he is right-handed, he plays golf left-handed. This is attributed to the fact that he learned by watching his right-handed father swing and tried to copy it mirror-style.

College Golf Career

When Mickelson attended Arizona State University, he was on a golf scholarship. During his stay in ASU, he was the icon of amateur golf in the US since he was quite decorated (bagging three NCAA individual championships and three Haskins Awards). In his college career, he won over 15 tournaments.

He was the second collegiate golfer to earn first-team All-American honors in four years. In 1991, he won his first PGA Tour event. To this date, no other amateur since Mickelson has won a PGA Tour event.

Early Professional Career

After graduating from ASU in 1992, Mickelson bypassed the Tour’s qualifying process (because of his PGA win) and became a professional golfer. He hired Jim “Bones” Mackay as his caddy; a position that he still holds to this day.

Mickelson goes on to win the Byron Nelson Golf Classic and the World Series of Golf in 1996, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in 1998, the Colonial National Invitation in 2000 and a back-to-back win in Greater Hartford Open in 2001 and 2002.

His more notable win was at the Buick Invitational which ended Tiger Woods’ streak of wins.

More Recent Exploits

Since debuting as a pro, Mickelson goes on to win 19 times in the succeeding years. Some of which included the 2005 PGA Championship, the 2006 Masters, the 2010 Masters, and even the 2013 Open Championship. Phil has also been quite active in charity works which benefited organizations like Homes For Our Troops and Special Operations Warrior. He has his own non-fundraising private foundation with this wife, Amy and they constantly strive to help other people and other families. So far, he hasn’t been winning major tournaments but it doesn’t stop him from playing the game.

Other than his highly successful golfing career, he has also dabbled in designing golf courses like the short game practice area in La Jolla Country Club in La Jolla, CA and the 18-hole Golf Course he designed in Whisper Rock Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ.

His playing style has been described by his competitors as aggressive and highly social. Others have even gone to say that his strategy toward certain difficult shots like obstructions are downright risky. He is well known for his “Phil flop” shot in which a big swing with a high-lofted wedge against a tight lie flies a ball high into the air for a short distance.

In whole, he has gone on to score over 50 professional wins. He is arguably one of the more fiscally successful golfers with over $80 million plus in earnings. Fans all over the globe have high expectations from Phil Mickelson and as the new year just started, and a new calendar of tournaments have been announced, we have so much to look forward to!

Golf for Kids: Is it worth it?

Golf is a sport that teens and adults have enjoyed through the past decades. It also has quite the following with several competitions spanning local, national, and international coverage. It’s no secret that Golf is a time consuming and often costly hobby so not a lot of people get into it. However, with a sport that looks like it’s only getting bigger, more and more parents start to wonder if even their kids should get a bit of the golf pie. Just what are the things that a child can pick up from playing golf?


This one is a toughie as even full-grown adults find themselves wavering from time to time. Golf often has an early start and a strict schedule. Golf will help kids pick up the rudimentary blocks that will serve as the foundation of discipline in their lives. For example, a child golfer can be made responsible for their gear—do they have all their clubs? Is it cleaned properly? Are they in the proper attire?

It’s the little tasks like this that can serve as the little drops that turn into ever expanding echoes that reach into adulthood.


When a child decides that they want to learn how to play golf or when enrolls a child in a beginner course, the one thing they will never lack is companionship. As the popularity of golf continues to go up, more and more youngsters are joining junior golf teams and courses. This is a certain sign that your child will not go at it alone. You remember what it was like growing up, often you had some thoughts or questions that you were more comfortable bringing up with your friends rather than your parents.

The same holds true even in sports. Other than camaraderie, the birth of healthy rivalries can also spark the growth of your kids into being well-rounded adults that our world certainly needs.

If You Still Have Concerns, That’s Okay

Some experts and parents wonder at the repercussions at introducing children as young as age three to sports even one as demanding as golf. What they may not realize is that the junior courses are tailored for the physical capabilities of their members.

Now the more common issue that most parents find is that in certain cases, their kids are budding golfers but they aren’t. As such, there’s a drastic difference in opinion and views regarding golf.

Luckily nowadays, there are several organizations like U.S. Kids Golf Foundation that help bridge that difference. They have several beginner courses for young golfers and even have family courses to ease the entire family or even just the parent and child into the sport completely. After all, if the complete golf novice mom and dad get a hands-on experience at what the golf can do, it’ll be easier to have them see from their child’s point of view.

Truthfully, the rise in concern about having young children partaking in golf is a good thing. This is a clear sign, that even the kids will see, that their elders certainly care about their well-being.