Golfing Tips: Four Putting Grips To Try Out

A putter is a golf club that is designed to putt and typically has a mallet-like, flat-faced head. When it comes to using putters, there are several gripping methods and styles that you could use to send your ball flying home. With that being said, it is worth noting that putting is, without a doubt, one of the most individual strokes in golf.

While there’s no wrong or right way to hold your putter, it is vital that you find a grip that feels natural to you – one that feels comfortable. And while some of these grips may feel a bit awkward, and some are quite ugly, the important thing is that they get the work done. After all, what you are after is points, right! And the good thing is that there won’t be any pictures on your scorecard.

To help you improve your stroke, here is a look at some of the most common putting grips available and how to hold them.

The Reverse Overlap Grip

This is one of the most common putting grips and is used by many professional PGA Tour players. To apply this grip, use your left to hold the putter grip and rest your right hand just beneath it around the putter’s grip. Lift your left hand’s index finger and wrap it around your right hand’s fingers to link both hands.

The important thing to remember when using this grip is to ensure that your left thumb rests flat at the top of your putter’s grip. This is why putter grips are never round – your left thumb provides the extra support needed to keep the putter’s face square when hitting the ball.

For right-handed players, the right hand tends to be more dominant when putting and serves as a piston during strokes. The left hand is what controls the direction of the putter’s face.

The Vardon Overlap Grip

Also known as the Overlapping Grip, the Vardon Overlap is also quite popular amongst professional golfers. The grip is named after Harry Vardon, responsible for popularizing the grip. Under this option, your right hand’s (which is the non-dominant hand as it is placed lower on the golf club) little finger should be placed between your middle and index finger of the left hand (which is the dominant hand.) Make sure your left thumb fits perfectly along the lifeline of your right hand.

The Left Below Right Grip

This grip is quite unconventional considering that it requires the player (right-handed) to place their left hand below the right one. Both your hands are then linked by wrapping your right hand’s index finger over the fingers of the left one. This grip is a great one considering that keeping the club’s face square and lining up is easier since the left hand is much closer to the putter’s head. However, it is worth noting that it will take some time to get used to this grip considering that the right hand is now a distance away from the putter’s head.

The Pencil/Claw Grip

The Pencil/Claw Grip is, undoubtedly, one of the more unusual putting grips. Under this option, your bottom hand’s fingers are at the top of the club’s grip instead of at the bottom. Your hand is held in place by wrapping your right thumb underneath and around the grip. The form your thumb and fingers make is reminiscent of a lobster’s claw or pincer, hence the name. The left hand holds the grip normally. This putting grip style forces your left hand to lead, eliminating that feeling like your wrists are breaking down when stroking. However, you need to be careful not to misalign your elbow as this will misalign your forearms too! When this happens, you won’t be able to hit parallel to your target.

So, what do you think? Which grip do you prefer? We’d like to hear from you, so be sure to leave us a comment. Happy putting!

Muirfield Golf Club Votes To Overturn Men-Only Rule

Female golfers of the world! It is certainly time to rejoice! One of the oldest golfing clubs in the world has made a historic move by overturning it’s longstanding Men-Only policy. The members deliberated and voted on the day of March 14, 2017.

Muirfield–The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (HCEG), was founded in 1744.  It has been 273 years since then and it is this year that they decided to get rid of the antiquated rule. It is said that this deliberation was done in the aftermath of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews’ (R&A) decision to remove Muirfield as a host venue for the Open Championship as the club had retained the men-only rule in 2016.

The R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers has commented that the club would once again be reinstated as an Open venue after their successful historic vote.

The members of the privately-owned club voted a resounding 80.2% in favor of updating their membership policy. Now, women are able to join the ranks of this established club after a vote of 498 to 123.

The Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, applauded the inclusive decision through tweeting: “Well done, Muirfield–decision to admit women members emphatic & the right one. Looking forward to seeing you host the Open again in the future.”

The British Open is the oldest of golf’s four annual majors, dating back to 1860. Women’s and men’s single-sex golf clubs, although reducing in number, have been a feature of golf provision in Great Britain and Ireland and comply with equality legislation.

Ivan Khodabakhsh, the Ladies European Tour’s chief executive, said Tuesday’s vote would “begin to restore the reputation” of Muirfield following last year’s ballot. “Sports reflect the values of the society in which we live and today men and women have equal rights. We believe this should be reflected not only in top-level international tournaments but also at club level,” he said.

Scotland’s minister for sport, Aileen Campbell, was quoted saying that the decision was in keeping with a modern country that sought to promote gender equality. “Scotland is a modern country that wants to see gender equality become the norm across all parts of society and today’s decision is another step forward in the journey,” she says.

Britain’s sports minister Tracey Crouch said Muirfield’s decision had been a long time coming. “Golf has the potential to attract a more diverse audience to the game and this decision sends out an important message. It is vital clubs and sports organisations play their part in promoting equality,” she said.

Muirfield had previously drawn frowns and condemnation all over the world as they sustained their men-only policy for so long. As of 2016, Muirfield had remained one of Scotland’s last men-only clubs.

Now that the antiquated rule has been lifted, can we expect to see women members to the club post haste? Not yet, according to Muirfield. In a statement, HCEG said: “The current waiting list for membership at Muirfield suggests that new candidates for membership -men and women- can expect to wait two to three years, or longer, to become members of the club.”

Baby steps, then. The important thing that now women can be included in the wait list. Scotland’s top female player Catriona Matthew called it a “positive step” for Muirfield and golf as a whole.

So, we’re definitely feeling the victory for women and the sport itself. Good job, Muirfield!

Our Picks on The 5 Best Golf Shoes

As it’s a new whole year for Golf, enthusiasts and players need to make sure that their footwear is still in good shape. There’s very little enjoyment to be had if you’re walking on pebbles or rocks every step of the way.

Much like your golf clubs, golf shoes are quite important to a superb game.

What makes a good golf shoe?

For starters, having stability is pretty important if you want to really put power in your swings. For those who need a bit more help with their slow swings, shoes that are flexible are key.

So today, with that in mind, we’ll be discussing our picks on the best golf shoes so far.

1.) Adidas Powerband Boa Boost

One of the striking things about modern golf shoes is that it is no longer limited to a ‘cleats’ look to it. The Powerband Boa Boost has Adidas’ Boost cushioning system which really improves the comfort midsole (something we can agree that we need).

This shoe boasts of a new “Powercage” chasis system that makes use of soft wire loops and straps that are laced in tight into the 360Loop of the shoes . This offers any golfer much needed support and grip during a swing.  The price isn’t too heavy at $163.

2.) FootJoy HyperFlex II

While on a outward basis, the HyperFlex II doesn’t seem so different from the original HyperFlex shoe. The insole is removable and uses the design that you’d find in running shoes ensuring maximum comfort and support.

The insoles are made from waterproof and breathable material. So not only is it soft but it’s pretty light. An old complaint about old golfing shoes is that they’re pretty heavy. This shoe takes the opposite direction with its lightness but offers a grip on the feet that isn’t smothering. Prepare to drop $175 for this pair of comfy shoes.

3.) ECCO Cage Pro

One of the more eye-catching golf shoes in the market to date. One of its more striking features is the Spydr-Grip outsole which eliminates the presence of spikes while simultaneously providing superb grip and performance.

If you’re wondering how it works, the shoe’s outsole is designed around the foot’s natural pivot points–paving the way for optimal traction. The shoe itself is made from soft, resistant dritton leather. So it’s pretty light but sturdy. One of the more pricey shoes out there, it can hit you for as much as $200.

4.) Under Armour Spieth One

This shoe features what Under Armour calls its “carbon counterlocks” which gives the user a ‘locked in’ feeling when they swing. This provides great stability in the heel and really helps boost a powerful swing.

The inside just oozes comfort with a leather insole and ample cushion for the heel and midsole. As the shoe is designed to be waterproof, it performs really well even in harsh conditions or terrain. The traction is pretty good. Much like the ECCO, be prepared to drop $200 for this baby.

5.) Nike Lunar Control Vapor

One of the newest golf shoes to hit the scene, the Lunar Control Vapor aims to provide tremendous traction and comfort to its user. Nike really pulled out all the stops and found the perfect angle that marries flexibility and support along with providing cushion and improving responsiveness.

The aesthetic of this particular shoe looks modern without going overboard. It like that one kid that looks a little odd but then dishes out mad grooves on the dance floor. That’s the best way to describe this new-age shoe. With a friendly price of $150, it’s a really attractive offering that 2017 has.